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What People Are Saying about Rita Henry

“Rita is an incredible healer and worker of energy. I have had the amazing blessing on two separate occasions of having a session with her. The first was in Iowa and the most recent was over the phone. Both were and continue to be very powerful experiences in my life.

“I‘ve got to tell you I haven‘t always been a big believer in this kind of thing. I have typically chosen seminars, books, and inspirational speakers to assist me in my personal growth and development. I have felt that the things that “block” me, where I get “stuck” and the “issues” I have were things I could only work on myself.

“Not so … Rita is assisting me in finding old patterns in my life that no longer serve me. In bringing the light of consciousness to them, I am able to recognize and acknowledge them. With Rita assisting me energetically, we are able to clear those life-long patterns. The result is more clarity of vision, balance, spontaneity, a lightness of being and joy. When these patterns are cleared a whole new world of possibility arises and is now available where it wasn‘t before.

“As we begin this new year and new decade, I thought there may be many of you out there, like me, that are tired of the way things have always been and are committed to creating something new in 2010. You may have resolutions in the areas of growing your business and creating abundance in your lives, healing relationships-especially the ones with yourselves or returning to health and balance. You may not know what it is that stops you or prevents you from achieving these goals, or even understand that it‘s you that is getting in your own way.

“Through her amazing gift of intuition, love and compassion, Rita Henry can assist you in pulling away the curtain, cutting through the fog and freeing your spirit so that you are able to receive all the love and abundance that the Universe has to offer. Her unique process, though quick, is more effective and long lasting than any book I‘ve read or seminar I‘ve attended.

“I highly encourage you to give Rita a call and make an appointment with her. Now would be a good time to take on your life, clear your issues from the past and live the life of your dreams!”

— Laurie Frazier

Jonathan Parker is the founder and director of Quantum Quests International. For over 30 years he has been a counselor, workshop facilitator and author of one of the largest self-development libraries in the world. (Find out more about Jonathan at  http://www.jonathanparker.org/ )

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— Jonathan Parker

“I admire and Love your work.

I am loving this new me. It was a decision I had to make to let go of old stories. Embracing my path and my journey through the work has made wonders in my life. It feels really good.

Thank you for all of your support.”

— Kurt Carpenter

“I feel like I have just gone through a week-long meditation retreat. I feel stronger. I feel lighter. I feel taller.

There is a sense of innocence within me.

It feels grandiose. I can’t express the excitement of being able to find someone to really help me.”

— Peter Eisert

“Rita, How odd that I’d be at a loss for words to describe what I am feeling — I guess the transformation process is quiet and subtle while I have typically been “out there” with all that I experience … I now know that it’s “all good”! I would’ve not been drawn to know such things in the manner that I do without knowing you — again, words are inadequate, but love and gratitude are a good start. I am SO GRATEFUL for who you are and for helping me discover who I really am. I dedicate this poem to you for your guidance has helped lead me home:

Sweet Surrender

Surrender isn’t giving up

It is simply “letting go”

Yet as simple as it all could be

It’s much harder than you know.

For it’s out nature to “hang on”

To “control” our destiny

We question or doubt what comes along

Rather than just letting be.

It means to trust in a higher power

That serves to guide us everyday —

That ALL things work for the greatest good

When we get out of the way.

Yet it doesn’t mean to just sit back

And not move towards our goals and dreams

Just don’t be attached to outcomes

As things aren’t always as they seem,

So, can you break free from the ties that bind

To accept what you’re called to do?

For it is then you’ll live an authentic life

YOUR passion, YOUR purpose, YOUR YOU!!”

— Kim Wright

“I am so grateful for the love you have shown for my mother, Bettie. Your special caring touch and healing has given her new life, new attitude and newly found love and forgiveness for herself. And the most awesome thing is that she wants more more more!

“Last evening, I visited her … just me and her in her hospital room. I have waited forty-one years to feel the way I did during those two hours with my mom. It was the most intimate conversation we have ever had. I remember years ago she told me that what is in the past doesn’t matter and that she was too old to “want help with her many unfortunate life experiences.” Last evening she said she is ready to heal … and she wasn’t talking about physical recovery. Ohhhh! How we children of her will reap the benefits!

“I thank God for you! For your caring loving way! For your smiles and warms hugs! For who you are to each of my family members! And especially just for being Rita!”

— Ann Brown

“Rita, thank you from my heart and soul for your help in supporting me to get to this place in my life! The past three years have been the most painful and frustrating years of my life. Through all my reading, meditation, and soul searching I just could not grasp what was wrong.

“Our latest session was a breakthrough for me. I have always looked for shortcuts to solve my problems without realizing that I have accumulated fifty years worth of thinking and beliefs that could not be solved overnight.

“My miracle occurred a year ago when I found out about you! The phone call to you and you responding that day saved my life (a miracle did occur.) Your patience and understanding has transformed me.

“Your patience and understanding has transformed me. I know now that I do not need someone else’s approval (or acceptance) to be loved. While I know I still have obstacles to overcome, I truly know for the first time in my life that I love myself and my life. The lessons I have learned this past year were patience, self-love, and — most importantly — learning to forgive (not just myself, but others as well). I’ve accepted who I am as well as the hard lessons that I’ve had to learn along the way.

“I have a new life and — for the first time — a voice to be heard. I now realize that I have a purpose on this earth and that is to help people. And any bad things that happen in life are for a reason: They’re not to hurt you, but rather to help you learn and grow from it.

“My life is already getting better, and I’m enjoying freedom from all the drama and insanity that was my life. I will be blessed with everything I want and desire because I’m blessed with myself.”

— Vincent Leva

“There are lots of healers in this world, but I believe Rita Henry is one of the best. Over the years, she’s developed her natural skill for healing into an extraordinary gift that makes people’s lives better in miraculous ways. She also shares her own light and joy — just being around her makes you feel better. If you haven’t had a session with Rita Henry, you owe it to yourself. You’ll experience healing on every level — mind, body, and spirit.”

— Deb Engle, author and co-founder of Tending Your Inner Garden©

“After my sessions with you I feel so strong; I feel like I can do anything. It‘s so awesome!”

— Kris Bradley

“Rita is an amazing person and has taught me so much about myself and why I act/react the way I do. She has worked to bring some of my past patterns from my subconscious to my consciousness and in doing so, has helped me make better choices about what I do with those observations. Her work touches many lives as I share the gifts she has given to me with others. Truly, she‘s a remarkable and loveable women who‘s also a great healer! I am truly grateful for our connection. Thank you Rita for being and sharing the beautiful gift of YOU!!”

— Diane Lepore-Shanahan

“If you don‘t know what you want anymore and want to find out — see Rita. She has facilitated uncovering the truth about me — revealing the parts I‘ve forgotten and couldn‘t feel anymore.”

— Kelle Bickel

“Rita — thank you for your help. I feel so relieved and easy. An enormous BURDEN as been pull off of me, peeled away. I AM FREE!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. “

— Thomas Stark

“I spent one and a half years in therapy talking about what I thought was the problem. I got more out of this one session then I did in all that time — I like myself a lot more!”

— Carolyn L. Hewitt

“Rita — You were just what I needed! You are changing my life. Thank You.”

— Jennie Jacobs

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