Sessions & Counseling Services:

Healing and coaching with Rita has transformed the life of hundreds and it can do the same for you! In her phone and in-person sessions Rita uses her highly intuitive skills to counsel, guide and uncover blocks that are holding you back from living a joy-filled life.

Phone sessions are convenient (call-in from anywhere), and just as effective as in-person meetings.

Rita will support you in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. Whether you are just getting started or well into your own journey of self-discovery, Rita is here to help you at a pace that works for you. Book a phone session today and start living a happier and healthier life.

Rita provides essential, unwavering support for you to:

  • Relieve Physical Pain
  • Alleviate Emotional Pain
  • Remove Life Blockages
  • Manage and Move Through Grief
  • Unlock Your Dreams
  • Find Career Fulfillment
  • Feel Acknowledged

Relief from Physical Pain

My guess is that you’ve tried everything from special exercises to vitamins to painkillers and nothing seems to work. Your doctor may have even said, “Sorry there’s nothing we can do, you’ll have to live with it.”

Don’t believe it! You don’t have to learn to live with your bone-crushing pain and debilitating soreness. Your body heals naturally — and I create a safe environment for this to happen. A session with me can relieve your pain, if not eliminate it entirely.

If you suffer from stabbing back-pain, throbbing headaches, shortness of breath, shooting pains in your neck and shoulders, or any other nagging physical condition, schedule an appointment today for some pain relief healing!


Alleviate Emotional Pain

In our culture, we’re taught to deny feeling pain and to pretend that we’re just fine — especially when it comes to emotional pain. It’s okay to wear a cast on a broken arm, or to use crutches because of a torn ligament in your knee, but when it comes to emotional traumas, it can be considered taboo to talk about them.

It doesn’t matter how common these emotional pains are, or that most of the population suffers from them. Everyday thousands of people just like you are suffering in silence because they don’t know what to do, who to talk to, or where to go.

When’s The Last Time You Talked To Someone About Things That Really Matter To You?

Are there painful subjects about yourself that you won’t talk about — even with your closest friends? Are there things you’re keeping inside that are tearing you apart? Does your emotional pain go away the more you ignore it and numb it out?

Studies show that there’s a 100% chance that any emotional pain you ignore or numb out will fester and get worse. And there’s also a 100% chance that the longer you suppress your emotional pain the more it will manifest itself into physical problems and illnesses. These may include migraine headaches, sleeplessness, impotence, or other pains throughout your body.

Many times we are our own worst enemy when it comes to healing ourselves. We give our power over to our fears. The result is that we live in pain and stay stuck there until it becomes greater than our fear.

I have successfully helped numerous people eliminate emotional pain from their lives including pain caused by:

  • Depression
  • Being out of sorts, scattered, scrambled, jittery
  • Job tension and stress
  • Feeling anxious, frustrated, angry
  • Not being myself, don’t feel like I fit in
  • Not being heard
  • Confusion and guilt
  • Feeling out of control, like everything is a mess
  • Weight gain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling stupid or not good enough
  • Not having any energy, tired of it all
  • Vivid panicky dreams
  • Financial stress

Schedule an appointment today and learn to work through and release your emotion pain.


Remove Life Blockages

Life blockages are fears that keep us from moving forward in life. These fears often have nothing to do with the people or situations outside of ourselves, but have everything to do with what’s going on inside. As a result, we take things personally, which can cause tension, misunderstandings, and emotional pain.

Internal blocks can cause:

  • Misunderstanding or disagreement with family and friends
  • A feeling of being controlled by circumstances
  • Doing things for others out of duty instead of joy
  • Relationship troubles
  • Competitive insecurities

The truth is you can eliminate much of the unnecessary tension, misunderstandings, and emotional pain in your life by simply talking with someone who you can trust and know won’t judge you.

I provide you with an objective perspective and a safe place for you to sort out what’s causing pain in your life. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about clearing life blockages.


Managing and Moving Through Grief

Is someone in your life dying (or has died) and you don’t know how to sort out all the intense feelings you’re having? I have personal and professional experience in this area to help you through your grief.

While the loss of a loved one through death is important and significant, we also have many other significant losses that are unacknowledged and/or unhealed. This causes unnecessary suffering and emotional wounds if they aren’t addressed and tended to. Here are some examples of significant losses:

  • Divorce (whether you wanted it or not)
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Loss of popularity, status, prestige
  • Being passed over for promotion
  • Being fired or demoted
  • Loss of a romantic partner
  • Loss hearing, sight, physical health
  • Loss of a lifestyle

Unless we heal from our losses, we remain stuck and miserable (sometimes unknowingly). These losses hold us back from living joyfully and vibrantly. I help you overcome the blind spots that make your life harder than it has to be. I assist you in removing your emotional blocks, which in turn allows you to enjoy a happier life.

The result? You lighten up and rediscover joy. Schedule an appointment today for pain relief healing.


Unlock Your Dreams

One HUGE reason why most Americans are feeling depressed and frustrated is because they aren’t living their dreams. Ignoring or suppressing your dreams causes restlessness, anger, illness, and pain. You owe it to yourself and your physical and mental health to follow your dreams!

Everyone has dreams. They may be shut out, suppressed and ignored and so it seems as if you don’t have dreams, but that hardly changes the fact that you still have them. Remember way back to when you were a kid —anything was possible and your dreams were unlimited.

This is where my healing and coaching comes in. I help you remember and uncover your dreams. They may be buried under layers of shame and bad experiences, but in your session we can explore them with the love and respect they deserve.

And once you’ve rediscovered your dreams, you can do anything you want to do with them, or don’t want to do with them. You decide. You’re always in the driver’s seat of your life. Why not do for yourself at least as much as you do for others? Take care of yourself by reclaiming your dreams!

If you do decide to explore what you want, and then get what you need, I can help you with this process. I’ll help you succeed on your own terms using your own definition of success! Schedule an appointment today.


Find Career Fulfillment

The average middle class American works more than 40 hours a week. When you figure in how many hours the average American sleeps every week, it quickly becomes clear that we spend much more than half of our waking life working.

If you love your job and look forward to it, congratulations — you belong to a small minority of Americans! But if you spend half your waking life working at a job you’re bored with, uninspired by, or even hate; what is the ultimate cost of living like this? Besides the paycheck, is there any benefit? And doesn’t there come a point when getting a paycheck isn’t really a benefit at all but a cost — a cost to your joy and sanity?

Perhaps you’re in a career that is not meaningful or joyful to you. But the idea of change is too overwhelming to even think about; you have no idea what you want to do or how to make a transition work financially.

Do you feel like you have no options when it comes to your career?

We always have options! We always have choices and I’m here to help you explore them. We can talk about solutions that work for you in your situation. I can help you align your passion with your career, even if you don’t know what your passion is right now. I provide a safe environment for you to explore your career options and possibilities. Schedule an appointment today!


Feel Acknowledged, Respected, and Valued

Do you just need someone to listen? It’s no secret that it feels really good to be heard. And it’s not everyday that someone will really listen to you and not judge you. I create a safe place for you to be honest and real, and to explore who you are. I guide you through the confusing world of feelings, emotions, and life’s pain. There is no right way to feel, and I always honor and respect your feelings and experiences.

You’ve probably noticed that the less people judge you, the better you feel. Being heard (without being judged or shamed) truly liberates and transforms us. It’s nothing short of miraculous!

Isn’t it time that you take care of you? A little bit of my pampering can go a long way. Healing and Coaching provides you with emotional support and spiritual inspiration. Reward yourself and make an appointment today!