Energy Transmissions

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What is an Energy Transmission?

It is a connection to Divine Source that aligns you with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul, strengthening your body’s ability to heal itself naturally. In that way, the transmission upgrades your divine blueprint. The energy does a tremendous amount of physical, mental, emotional and energetic cleansing and aligning within a short timeframe. These energetic shifts are beyond understanding. This transformative process supports the shifting of your consciousness, your awareness, and your current experience of life. It aligns you with your authentic self in a deep and meaningful way. Energy transmissions release the blocks to positive expression and positive experience. All this allows you to live a more open hearted life in joy.

What will be my experience of the transmission?

Many people have received energy transmissions from me. During the transmission you may notice a tingling sensation in your body, emotions coming up, or nothing at all. There is no normal or abnormal. After receiving an energy transmission, individuals have reported experiencing a range of results including less stress and anxiety, more energy, increased self-confidence and mental clarity, a deep sense of unconditional happiness, a greater capacity for compassion, and even relief from pain and distress. Great improvements in sleep patterns, health conditions and advancements in relationships, careers and finances have also been reported. Specific experiences and benefits vary among individuals. Most commonly reported is a sense of happiness and inner peace.

The integration experience is not always comfortable as the mental, emotional and physical bodies are transformed. Following your Energy Transmission you may notice discomfort from the transformation the energy offers your body. As with many healing modalities, there can be a period of feeling worse before you feel better. Please offer yourself gentleness and ease as patterns in your life shift. The transmission may be intense for some and take up to two weeks to fully integrate.

Trust the process. Releasing deeply held beliefs and patterns can stir up fears and emotions. These are not new; they are coming up to be healed. Also, there is nothing to fear ultimately, but our egos can interpret change as threatening and may throw up a number of defenses. At times it can feel like progress is going backwards – rest assured it is not.

Is this safe for people of all ages?

Yes. The transmission restores an energetic connection between your body and the divine. This connection is appropriate at all times of life. The world is still one of pain and struggle. Simultaneously, your experience of the world can shift as your internal compass becomes the expression of love.

Why would I want more than one energy transmission?

The transmissions build on your shifts in consciousness. You can get just one. Additional transmissions will work to clarify and strengthen your connection to the divine and your awareness of that connection and truth. Similar to going through school, you could stop after elementary school and retain that knowledge, but there is more that can be gained from continuing. In spiritual work, there is no “I have arrived.” We are all on a continuum of evolution. Some have found energy transmissions to be an invaluable support for them on their path to greater awareness and conscious evolution.

Can I go about life normally while receiving a transmission?

You have options. You can either rest and tune into the transmission or go about your day normally. Be aware that either way you may notice emotions coming up or sensations in your body while the transmission is occurring. Honor yourself and understand that you can trust the process.

Is there anything special I need to do following a transmission?

Pay attention to what feels the same and what feels different. Listen to your body and be gentle with yourself as you integrate the changes from the transmission. As always, stay hydrated as this supports your body in transitioning and detoxification.

Can I get a refund if I didn’t like my experience or feel like it didn’t work for me?

No. Everyone’s experience is different. Some people are profoundly impacted by the transmission and yet are unaware of the effects. Communications from past participants have reported everything from deep stirring (healing crisis which is revealing itself for transformation), sweet expansiveness, and others not quite sure. As Master Lin from Spring Forest QiGong invites us, “If you believe it, it works. If you don’t believe it, it still works.”

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