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Peace is in the emptiness. Who woud have known? Those who have traveled before me know. They hold a brilliant light inviting me to continue my journey. In storms, I hesitate and rejuvenate. Only to walk on in peace. Thank you for all that is Love.


Free Spirit

If anyone tried to hold me like they owned me, they would be holding nothing. For I am a free spirit. Free to roam and explore, Free to come to know more. Free to discover myself, Instead of placing my heart on a shelf. I give thanks as I soar, For I am free. If […]


Life is Change

Stay the same cuz that’s what I know. I find comfort in the same ole thing. No, no says life. Life is change. Hang onto what was and happiness will elude you. Oh, with an open heart, I can find Love in other forms and expressions. New ways to Love and to be Loved. Yes, […]


From Prison to Paradise

Free my mind. Release the flow. Open my heart. Let myself go. Freedom beyond my body. Spirit roams with the winds so high. Discovering morsels of self, While soaring the sky. Self is who I am. Untruths fall away. Pure essence lives on, Day after day.


Tonight’s Prayer

Tonight I ask you to hold me close, enveloping me in your strong arms while I collapse. I recognize that I don’t have the strength, will or desire to hold everything together.   If everything was held together, patterns from the past would keep me held in limitation. Tonight I surrender.   Your breath is […]


Be With Me

Be with me and feel my joy. Embrace it as your own. Open to knowing, You are never alone.

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