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Thank you

In my world, I love knowing you. It opens my heart, and helps me be true. Thank you!


Tree of Life

Firmly rooted in love, I grow within the tree of life. Growth through happiness. Growth through strife. Thank you for being patient, As I blossom a new. Growing into myself, Softly spoken, yet true. I have grown I continue to grow I am nurtured by your love. — Rita Henry


Celebrating You

When you were born, I didn’t know The wonderful gift You would bestow. With you in my life I’ve connected with me. Aching, shaping, growing While learning to be free. Freedom to be myself Is easier with you around. Wherever you go, My heart can be found. I celebrate having you in my life.



Sensuality is the juice of life. With it the flower blooms. With it the tree extends. Flow, flows through the veins. No effort needed. One cell’s juices flow to the next. All for being. Sensuality is the juice of life.


Be Carried Forth

Be Carried Forth — A Poem by Rita Henry Be carried forth. By going nowhere. Stand with your fears; Embrace them. In passions unfolding Intimacy reveals the body of fear. Open to this body; Explore every detail. No need to be chaste For the undiscovered binds now to the past. Once familiar, fears can be […]


Grave Silence

Grave Silence — A Poem by Rita In grave silence, my restlessness threatens to explode. Hence, the grave comes in handy for my egoic self.

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