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Life is Funny!

Sometimes life is hard. It just is. Sometimes life flows ever so smooth. It just does. My mom used to say, “Life is funny.” She said this when talking about how life throws us for loops and sends us through all kinds of twists and turns and wild-goose chases. Sometimes what happens turns out to […]


Open Your Heart & Live in Gratitude

At the end of March, I spent an amazing day with many of you at our “Opening Your Heart” workshop. Before the workshop began I was carrying a bunch of stuff into the building from the parking lot. Among the items I had was a small balloon that said, “I Love You.” A gust of […]


Blind Inspiration

On a recent flight from California I had the pleasure of sitting next to Corrina. Corrina is one of those people who has a thousand more reasons than the average person to be bitter at life, angry at the world, and depressed to the point of seriously wondering what the point of living is. Except she’s […]


Tough Things Happen – then what?

Recently my oldest son drove back to college after spending a relaxing weekend at home. The roads were dry in Iowa and everything was fine until he got into Minnesota. Then it started to rain and soon a lot of snow mixed in with the rain. He hit a patch of ice, swerved, rolled, missed two telephone poles, […]


Life Beyond Pain with Alice

Alice Herz-Sommer is a beacon of hope and inspiration to everyone who knows her. She turned 107 years old in November and is the oldest Holocaust survivor in the world. She lives entirely alone in Apartment 6 in a small apartment building in North London, England.   Alice plays Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert pieces for about three […]


Meditation Inspiration

Waves of purification washed through me; the sensation was a letting go of anything and everything that wasn’t light, truth or love. All that existed for miles and miles in every direction was pure consciousness – a deep presence of remembering – an invitation to love and to be loved. Wow! The presence of light, the presence of […]

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