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Where are you going? One way to make the going easier.

As I welcome 2018, I find myself reflecting on the gift of life. For the holidays we went to visit my husband Karl’s parents and family on the east coast for a week of goodness. For me, I loved the simple moments shared with food, hugs, tea pots, sewing, cleaning closets and shared time. My heart still warms with feeling so loved, respected and accepted by his parents.

Holidays and filled calendars don’t always allow room to connect with yourself and I want to acknowledge the importance of staying open to your own needs which can be especially challenging over the holidays. Lately, I have connected with many of you that are stressed and feeling disconnected. Personally, between clients, events, 18-hour non-stop truck rides to the east coast and back, and wonderful shared holidays with my family too, I find myself peopled out. I hunger for alone time to rejuvenate and to just be. Halfway into our east coast trip we hung out with Karl’s friends for a day on Wall Street in New York, but then the next day I tapped out and simply stayed in the hotel room with no food, no lights, and snuggled in bed just to be. I wasn’t sick, hurt or angry, I simply needed  time to rejuvenate. After meeting my needs for rest, the next day I was ready to go again.

Also, for those of us who live in colder temperatures, I want to acknowledge how the cold can impact us too. A friend of mine told me about a Kahuna he met in Hawaii who claimed that making progress in one’s spiritual growth was harder in colder climates since your body is contracted and it is harder to be open. Anecdotally from my own life, I can see how that may very well be true. But whatever is happening in your life, acceptance is a way to bring love to any pain and to transform your experience of it automatically.

When pain reveals itself to you, and it will, whether it is mental, emotional or even physical pain, ask that it be met with acceptance. This is a wonderful way to dedicate yourself to the light and love that you are. It is a conscious commitment to giving yourself permission to be happy no matter what you, or others, are thinking, doing or not doing. This practice, and it is a practice, is an opportunity to have a major shift on any source of pain in your life. Through allowing the pain to be met with loving acceptance, the pain is transformed. Even if the situation doesn’t change, your experience of it can change immediately.

With acceptance, you invite your heart to open and to stay open. An open heart facilitates you feeling connected in your life. Through this acceptance and connection, life automatically flows more smoothly, food tastes better, and you have a whole lot more fun. When your heart is open, you tap into the flow of the light, love and truth that you are and always have been – whether you are feeling the love or not. It is such a relief to know that even when you are experiencing pain – yes, something is up to heal – but you are still a magnificent being of light, again, whether you are feeling it or not.

When your heart is closed, you are isolated and trapped in fear, but the truth of who you are…LOVE… remains the same.

Forgiveness is essential for moving into acceptance. In humanity, you have made choices that you have not liked, and others have made choices you have not liked. When we get attached to what we think we and others should or should not be doing, we fall into an emotional trap that leads to pain and struggle. Through forgiveness you let go of these attachments and can experience the expansion of love super-sized. No longer “should” anyone have behaved differently from how they did. Judging others rather than accepting them keeps you held in limitation. From a place of freedom, feel free to make a new choice of being playful, being happy and loving life at any moment. Once you truly accept the actions of yourself and others, you will discover deep compassion and that there was never anything to forgive in truth.

YOU ARE LOVE! Even when you experience pain, struggle and conflict. Can you feel it?

Remember, we learn through the contrast of all that life offers. Let it shape you, but there is no need to get stuck within the process of life and what it offers. As Jesus said, “I am in this world, not of this world.” That goes for you too.

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RitaLaughingSquare150About the author: Rita Henry, founder of Inner Prosperity in Des Moines, Iowa, is an intuitive counselor who has helped thousands of people live more joyful, authentic lives. Rita’s unique approach combines powerful energy work, Qigong, meditation, and breath-work to help clients heal the mind, body and spirit. Rita provides essential, unwavering support through individual sessions and a wide range of group-centered classes, workshops and retreats.