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Does your cleansing look like you want it to?

It’s a new year and a time of deep internal cleansing. For many, this cleansing is showing up in the form of colds, the flu, fevers to burn away old ways, and even fatigue.

As I started my own personal journey, I didn’t realize how much energy it could take to shift from fears of not being enough or not being lovable to knowing I am lovable and that I am safe to accept all of what life offers with an open heart. These shifts require deep changes within. Often it may not look like much is occurring on the outside; however, internally a lot is happening to release old beliefs and thoughts and reset your circuitry so you can maintain higher vibrations.

Over the years, as these changes would happen within me, I would often need to create space in my schedule to tuck in and “just be” so the internal shifts could be made and integrated. Other times, it felt like a crash and burn situation and I had no choice but to surrender. For me, the process of shifting felt like a heightened sensitivity to sound, food or movement, and often I had no other choice but to succumb to what felt like exhaustion, even though I wasn’t hurt or sick.

This required me to let go of stories of what “I should” be doing or how “I should” be feeling and surrender to what I was experiencing… with acceptance. I found the more I fought where I was, the longer it took me to process and integrate the shifts being made. Acceptance and Love have some of the same qualities and offer a healing balm as you are invited to “Rest in Love.”

Love is the most powerful healing and renewing emotion there is as Love moves into any and all places of pain and struggle.

To support your connection to the Love that you are, make the following request from your heart:

“I now ask to align with pure Love in my heart and in every cell of my being.”

Feel your request throughout your body and repeat it slowly two more times as you slow your breath and continue to take deep breaths.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your life with gentleness and ease. As you transform, you are moving into new experiences and territory that is unfamiliar. Change can be confusing and scary, so please be gentle with yourself.

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RitaLaughingSquare150About the author: Rita Henry, founder of Inner Prosperity in Des Moines, Iowa, is an intuitive counselor who has helped thousands of people live more joyful, authentic lives. Rita’s unique approach combines powerful energy work, Qigong, meditation, and breath-work to help clients heal the mind, body and spirit. Rita provides essential, unwavering support through individual sessions and a wide range of group-centered classes, workshops and retreats.


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