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Change = Life

From birth on we are moved to change. Change is not something to be feared, it is to be experienced. Where would you be without change? Dead. If you are changing mentally, emotionally or physically, it means that you are alive. Transformation in life is life.

Acceptance of your transformation lends peace to your journey. No need to resist that which is present to transform you. If you are in Love, good. If you are in pain, good. Allowing all of it to transform you requires living a surrendered life.

The opposite of living a surrendered life was demonstrated for me when I was growing up. In our household, Dad controlled others with his anger and rage and we attempted to control Dad by walking on eggshells, hiding things from him or doing whatever we thought it would take, so he wouldn’t get angry. It didn’t work; he still got angry. Controlling others or being controlled is not authentic living and it was hell to grow up in. The lesson we never tumbled to, while in that household, was that by controlling others we opened ourselves up to being controlled. We were all controlled by fear.

Dad’s fears lead him to rejecting the people closest to him so he wouldn’t risk them rejecting him first. Dad’s walls were high and disconnect ruled his world. Through forgetting his past, Dad found peace in his experience of Alzheimer’s as he forgot to be combative and angry. As a witness to his experience of Alzheimer’s, it seemed to me to be a painful way to find peace.

Forgiveness offers us the same gift of peace without the trauma of brain decay. Clearing held pain and struggle can transform your life in the best possible way, and forgiveness offers you just that. Do you want to do some Spring cleaning? Make a list of why you are angry at others, and yourself. Then forgive them, and yourself.

Want help with this process? Call us (515-313-1156) to schedule a one-on-one session with me in-person or on the phone. Or consider coming to one or both of these upcoming events of pure awesomeness.

Friday, April 7th I will be offering a Breathing Intensive in the afternoon (1:00 – 5:00 pm). As you know, breath-work is an amazing way to bypass the mental chatter and let go of some deeply held emotional baggage. Deep breathing is also a great detoxifier for the body.

The following morning, Saturday, April 8th from 9:00am to noon, we’ll be doing a powerful reset event called “Renew You” with Qigong, a little more breath-work and a delicious meditation into the emptiness for some deep restoration, clearing and connection with the divine. It will be powerful, and I am delighted that it will be an awesome support with the transition of seasons.

If these powerful events speak to you, you can register for either events or both online. There is a $25 discount for registering for both events.

I’d love, Love, LOVE to see you come play! Are you in? This will be a wonderful reset… talk about Spring cleaning!

This post originally appeared in the April 2017 Inner Prosperity Newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter and get these gems in your inbox as well as a free guided mediation on peace.

RitaLaughingSquare150About the author: Rita Henry, founder of Inner Prosperity in Des Moines, Iowa, is an intuitive counselor who has helped thousands of people live more joyful, authentic lives. Rita’s unique approach combines powerful energy work, Qigong, meditation, and breath-work to help clients heal the mind, body and spirit. Rita provides essential, unwavering support through individual sessions and a wide range of group-centered classes, workshops and retreats.


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