Do you want your life experience to be different from what you’re experiencing?

If you have tried everything…
If you want to let go of shame, grief, pain, and destructive habits…
If you want the freedom to live your most authentic life…
If you are seeking purpose… joy and peace…
When you are ready to transform your life,
I can help.

You get to be supported, so let’s do this together.


I’m a dedicated intuitive counselor who believes it is possible to transform your life, no matter how much you are struggling now. I have helped thousands of people just like you to live more joyful, authentic lives.

What does this mean for you? You have a clear vision of where you want your life to be, and how you want to feel, but you are unsure about how to get there. I see the exact steps you need to transform your life, no matter where you are now and no matter where you want to go. I know how to help you align with living YOUR authentic life, experiencing vibrant and satisfying relationships at home and work, free of the issues and emotional charges that have been holding you back.

I believe by courageously facing points of pain and struggle, you can free yourself to live a life you love. The good news is you don’t have to know more, be more, or have more in order to get started on this journey of self-empowerment.

One of my superpowers is a highly tuned intuition that I use in everything I do. Through our work together, we discuss the painful issues you are struggling with. I use my powerful intuition along with my love, understanding, and acceptance of people to identify the root cause of the pain you are experiencing. Then, I support you in transforming the pain and struggle so you may open to living a juicy, connected, and fulfilling life.


I started out in corporate America and eventually landed as an IT professional and manager in the insurance industry. I installed multi-million dollar computer systems, wore suits and high heels and hung out in boardrooms. I LOVED working with my team, co-workers and colleagues in their personal and professional growth but I was completely uninspired by the insurance industry.

And then, life happened. I was married, pregnant with twins and also had two boys who were 5 and 2 years old. My identical twins were born 15 weeks prematurely. One of the twins—my 9-day-old daughter Amy—died in my arms. After that, my perspective of life was forever transformed by the grief of losing her. I was spun into chaos and overwhelmed with the needs of her surviving sister Julia, and her two brothers, being a wife, running a household, and working full-time… nothing looked the same. I was not the same.

Because of that experience, I realized many things I thought were true and mattered… weren’t and didn’t. A couple of years after Amy died, I realized her death was an invitation for me to LIVE my life. Living my life included releasing blocks to loving, valuing and respecting myself that I didn’t even know I had.

As I started to understand myself, and my gifts better, I was introduced to energy work. Up until then, I had no idea what energy work was or how powerful and transformative it could be. I began to learn everything I could. I became a Reiki Master, a practitioner of Unlimited Body, Unlimited Breath, Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, a teacher of Spring Forest Qigong and a graduate of Quantum Quests School of Enlightenment with Jonathan Parker (more than three times over). My desire to see and understand Truth was fierce and unwavering.

The more I learned, the more grounded I became. I started making choices in awareness instead of acting out of fear. I learned that spiritual awakening and psychological unpacking are not separate things.

Growing up, I was the youngest of five children in a dysfunctional family. My father was deeply wounded and most often expressed himself through rage. We walked on eggshells to avoid making Dad angry, but it didn’t work well, because he was always angry and it didn’t take much for him to explode. People in my family were focused on making it through the day, yet, no one really knew how to be present in their lives or how to live open heartedly.

Energy work moved me through my experiences as a child, my daughter dying and an unhappy marriage. It profoundly helped me heal and transform. Energy work gave me MY life and for that I am forever grateful.

When I found this work, I realized I was home. People may think it is “woo-woo” or “out there,” but the truth is, it is quite practical. I help people who are stuck in their life or in destructive habits, grieving, dealing with abuse, feelings of abandonment and rejection, loneliness, unhappiness or just plain misery—to make the necessary changes in their life to have a new experience. Accepting reality and making choices out of awareness is the foundation of this work. But knowing better doesn’t always mean we feel empowered to do better. I help people release blocks to personal empowerment so they can do better, and feel better.

In 1999, after 15 years in the corporate world, I knew I needed to do something more rewarding and focus on healing as my life’s work. I was and am passionate about the healing process and focused on it every moment I could.

I continued to heal and transform my own life by seeking places of held pain and struggle within myself. In doing “my work,” I experienced the ultimate freedom. Freedom from fears, feelings of abandonment and rejection, loneliness, anger, hurt, pain, and struggle. The fear was replaced with feelings of connection, love, and even joy. My intuition heightened, along with my ability to help others to clear issues and emotional charges that hold them back so they can become more clear and awake.

I do not believe that “I have arrived” or that I am at the end of my evolution. Life still presents challenges but I am now able to see them in awareness, and have a completely new experience.


Taking everything I learned from each step of my journey, I now help my clients to free themselves and to live the life they have always wanted.

Whether you are struggling with a relationship, suffering from a low self esteem, or wrestling with who you are and your life’s purpose, I can help.

I love using my strengths, talents, superpowers, and passions to help people to transform their lives for the better.

I’m so grateful for my journey, even my daughter dying, but I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. The good news? When you work with me, you benefit from my experience. I will support you as you move through your issues. I help you to keep the lesson and let go of the pain and the struggle.

This work is a process and I can guide you through it. Core issues often run deep. As much as you try to change your behaviors, at times it may feel confusing and even impossible, until the root cause of the issue is cleared. Wanting things to change is one thing, making it happen is another. Let’s do this together.

I can support you in creating an environment to release blocks that keep you from healing.


I am fiercely committed to help you realize that life doesn’t have to be so hard. I believe by courageously facing points of pain and struggle, you can free yourself to live a life you love. With my intuition, practical approach to life, and straight talk, I love helping people like you live open hearted, fulfilling, empowered lives.

I have helped thousands of people overcome trauma, pain, and suffering to live more joyful, authentic lives. I can help you too. Give me a call.